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Lucas (aka. Boxuga) is a Developer, YouTuber, Sonic Fan, Modder, Game/CD Collector, & a beginner DJ that is from Perth, Australia. Started making mods in 2020. and making YouTube Video's in 2018. and I love making websites :) so fun

My History (Sorry for the bad writing)


In 2015, I got my big boy console the Xbox 360. Playing games such as Minecraft & other games, I had. At this time I only had limited internet access and not a lot of money. So when I ever I had internet I would download as many demos as I could. One of those games was Sonic Adventure 2 which I got hooked one going down the hill in City Escape and I was stuck this level but really enjoyed it.


In 2016, I got a hold of a game I had been playing at my friends' houses and eventually I begged my parents to get me the game. This game was Grand Theft Auto V. When I did get internet access, I would play GTA Online a lot. Making friends and doing other things. In this new online world. And of course, it was 2016 so let’s talk about Modding. So, I would run into modders who gave me money and rank. This would lead me on researching about the topic and eventually discovering youtubers, such as Legend Nebula, Golden Modz, & North Modz. I really wanted to be like them I thought it was cool. But obviously I did not have money to buy a RGH or Jailbroken PS3 currently. So, let’s move on to how I started to love EDM. I used to listen to music on YouTube music and idk it just started to recommend me or it just discovering it in a YouTube video and enjoying it. The first song I remember listening to a lot was Flight by Tristam & Braken. Also another song I enjoyed a lot was Summer by Marshmello. They are both so good still. Go listen to them lol.


In 2017, I had become interested in Virtual Machines messing around with older software such as Windows XP and seeing how things were different that's about all.


In 2018, I had gotten a PS4 and started making videos and streaming with the inbuilt record & live stream function. Which I streamed & made videos on YouTube playing Fortnite, GTA 5, Apex Legends, & Call of Duty: Black Ops III. There wasn’t much happening then I don’t remember much from this time.


In 2019, I got my first working PS3 and used the d3ad3ditz mod menu as the PS3 was not exploitable. In March I started a channel called “manminecraft does reddit” due to the popularity of reddit channels at this time such as Giofilms and others. Which I only ever made 2 videos and it got abandoned. In May 2019. Something big happened a new exploit for the PS3 came out. Called PS3HEN. The first online HEN mod menu was a port of Salfety SPRX. The youtuber I watched a lot about the topic quite a lot in early 2019 called SharpGamers4you. And then later I got my hands FAT model PS3 which I Jailbroke and put Rebug CFW. Which I then started using a deauthed version of Paradise SPRX which gopro_2027 had shut down (temporarily). And then later that year I brought a Elgato Game Capture HD. Then I started live streaming properly. Then in November I released my first showcase video showing the mod menu for Black Ops 1 called Firehawk SPRX. Then later that month I made my first tutorial called “How To Play GTA 5 Story Mode With Mods And Allow To Save on ps3 *easy* [CFW/HEN]” which rose to become the most popular video on my channel.


In 2020, lots of things happened such as the COVID pandemic which caused a lot of modders to be inside like me also I got my third PS3 just before all the covid restrictions got put in place in Western Australia. In March I had made my current logo in Sonic Forces switched out of a picture of the Fortnite skin called Jellie. In April I made a channel which is now known as Boxuga2. The first video channel was me playing Sonic Riders Gameplay and I pretty put anything that wasn’t fit the main channel at first. In April I got my first paid mod menu which was Extortion SPRX. In September I made my first modloader called BoxxyMC the first and second version were made with modloader creator by EROOTIIK. Later, I would version 3 which I used NotYourDope Base in C++ this allowed me to put submenus. In November I would rebrand manminecraft does reddit to Boxxy does Minecraft. Which focused on Minecraft content for the next 2 videos. Later I would mess around with VS2010 Windows Forms in C#. I would also mess around with Neocities and Google Sites. also, I started and killed a Minecraft server called GenericCraftMC in this time. Which I met Lush Modz, and we started talking about mods and stuff. In December I become a beta tester to the Tiny Menu by FazeModz and, we started talking about stuff. Also, I brought the Paradise SPRX mod menu which came out earlier in the year. But now it had a revolutionary new feature to send script menus to other people in your GTA online session to give the ability to give everyone mods which I started streaming giving people mod menus.


In 2021, I would make a video on Boxuga2 which would be called “Metal Sonic is a pervert” taken from a clip from the sonic the hedgehog OVA Released in 1999. Which I had been watching at the time. Which released to a slow start, but we will get back on to this topic later. Now let’s talk about our friendship with me and the YouTuber known as DreSweatz. Which I have recorded video’s for just want to say I did record the videos and DreSweatz would edit them (e.g., adding effects, intros, music etc). In February, someone gave me the mod menu known as LTS (LastTeamStanding). In March I decided to take to stop doing videos on PS3 mods but then later a friend asked me for help then helped them and enjoyed it, so I brought back the videos a month later. After this brief period, I had started making videos for GTA 5 on the PC. In June, Rockstar Games had sadly announced the shut down of the PS3 & Xbox 360 Servers for Grand Theft Auto 5 on December 16th. I would make a couple videos of commemorative videos the first video had the song Dear My Friends from Sonic Unleashed. The second video came out closer to December the song in the video was shockwave by Marshmello. At this point I brought a Xbox 360 RGH also I tried to make one but failed and ruined the motherboard because I suck soldering. I also got the website which this article is on or originally who knows the Wayback machine may of archive it. I also quit making the original and encouraged people to move on to another modloader at the start of the year and go to James Reborn ModLoader. But then later after I got my RGH. I decided to make another mod called Boxuga Loader which was later changed to Hedgehog Menu. Also I found out about some of the cooler menus from back that I used to watch Golden Modz, & Legend Nebula on my RGH before the servers shutdown Purge & Legacy Menu. At the end of the servers life I streamed a 174 hour live stream of GTA Online on the PS3 until the terrible thing happened the stream crashed and didn’t get the event and unfortunately YouTube does not keep stream replays for streams over 10 hours long. BoxxyMC does Minecraft was also changed to Boxuga3 and I started uploading Fortnite videos on Boxuga3 until my PC broke.


At the start of 2022, the video called “Metal Sonic is a pervert” would start to blow up and gain 3 million views at the start of this year and would gain boxuga2 over 2000 subscribers. Which I am still and always will be grateful to everyone who has supported me. I also started to learn about Python the programming language and made scripts to mess with webman mod web commands system. Also, I started messing with memory on the Xbox 360. Such as I made RTM Tool for Sonic the Hedgehog CD. I also met a DJ in person, and he showed me how to DJ. So, I started messing around with Algorithm’s Djay.


In 2023, i ended up buying a DJ Controller after having fun DJing with Algorithm's DJ so i brought the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200. which i started to make mixes on YouTube because i enjoyed it and i am learning something new. then in April i found out how to use 1.06-1.12 versions which was found by tervel on rpcs3 and i found and made a tutorial of how to play online to bypass the Sony Game Updates to be forced on HEN and CFW on a PlayStation 3. then another person who found the same method i did told me he uploaded first only one hour before them. because i didn't find it but he told me kindly and we quickly made a community called 3TA Online. One of our Staff members called JIREX made an All-In-One Update that fixes jobs by not installing GTA Online: The Buissness update in the PKG and the version in the pkg to be spoofed with the same param.sfo fixes me & parker found. which then i created a website for our community 3TA Online which also allows you to install the patch by visiting it on a site by visiting it on a modded PS3 running Webman Mod which deletes the game updates and installs jirex's pkg. then Devloper's quickly started creating mods for 1.12. the first mod menu release was gopro_2027's playground by the orginal creator of the mod menu Paradise SPRX (gopro_2027!). then followed by the mod menu nhack by the devloper david1337hax (not me had to say that because i have been falsly credited many times). I would also make multiple videos on my youtube channel @boxuga about 3TA Online (GTA Online 1.12)