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Here are the mods i've created


Hedgehog SPRX

a mod menu for GTA Online PS3 for Mini-Games and Fun

Created: Coming soon (1.12 Beta version released)

Boxuga's S**ty RTM Tool
(1.12 PS3)

a really bad RTM Tool for GTA Online 1.12 PS3 that lets you change your name and go super sonic

Created: 25/4/2023

Poison Water (PC)

if you go in the water you take damage

Created: 12/2/2023

Hedgehog Menu (1.27 Script)

a mod menu/modloader for GTA 5 1.27 PS3 & Xbox 360

Created: 14/11/2021 | Last Update: 2/7/2022

Sonic CD

Sonic CD RTM Tool

This tool lets you edit your rings, score, & lives on your modded Xbox 360

Created: 29/11/2022